The Unique Nature of IT Software and IT Solution Providers’ Roles for SMBs

Posted by Stefanie Kober Thu, 10 Sep 2015 06:35:00 GMT

IT strategy for small businesses varies greatly from that of large corporations, although the need for flexibility and security remains the same. In a byline piece in Business Solutions, an online resource providing growth strategies for the IT channel, HOB CEO Zoran Adamovic discussed the four things SMBs seek from their software and IT solutions providers.

Here is what Zoran Adamovic identified as the top four IT needs and desires of SMBs:

1.) Scalability

As many small to midsized businesses aim to grow, it is vital that software functionality can keep up. This means that SMBs should invest in software, rather than hardware, as software solutions can adapt to any number of users without expensive upgrades or replacements. If a software solution scales well, it can reduce overhead costs for SMBs as well.

2.) Reliability

SMBs can’t afford to take risks on software or IT solution providers. They should hire a tried-and-true provider with glowing references to ensure that the software operates, upgrades and deploys easily. As many SMB owners also wear a plethora of hats within their companies, it’s imperative that software is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with existing operating systems.

3.) Business Continuity and Mobility
No business is exempt from external dangers like severe weather, fires and power outages. Business owners must ensure business continuity in these instances with software that enables secure access to corporate networks and data regardless of location or scenario. Additionally, the worldwide demand for workplace flexibility is at an all time high. Allowing employees to work remotely not only promotes business continuity and productivity but is also a competitive advantage when recruiting and hiring top talent—necessary for small businesses in the war for talent against big name companies.

4.) Security
Cybercrime indeed hurts large corporations, but for SMBs it can be especially devastating. According to Ponemon, cybercrime costs SMBs four times the amount per capita that it costs larger corporations. SMBs therefore need IT solution providers that can implement the top tier security practices employed by larger corporations, but on a smaller scale and more affordable price.

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