Keeping Up With An Agile Workforce Part II: Mobile Device Security

Posted by Tobias Eichenseer Tue, 25 Aug 2015 09:19:00 GMT


A couple of weeks ago we discussed the importance of network security in supporting an agile workforce. Another aspect of this discussion is mobile device security, as a fortified network is ineffective if data can escape through the mobile devices accessing it. For example, it is commonplace for an employee to fly out the door to a meeting and need to check his or her email while in line for coffee. This poses a threat to corporate data and networks, as data now may travel through foreign and unprotected environments. In order to safeguard mobile devices, companies must adopt robust mobile security solutions. Here are some best practices for ensuring mobile security for today’s on-the-go workforce.

Password-Governed Access
Corporations should require a PIN or password for access to the operating environment on a mobile device. Enterprise application access via single sign-on is probably the easiest way to implement a password policy, as once a mobile device has been validated, further applications can automatically be accessed without the need to enter another password.

IAM Solutions
For mobile security, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions can be very powerful tools. They are the foundation of secure access, ensuring that individuals have access to the corporate data that they need; and nothing else. This protects corporate data from malicious inside hacks conducted by disgruntled employees.

Device and Data Encryption
Encrypting corporate data traveling to mobile devices adds an additional layer of protection if data ends up in the wrong place. For mobile workers, IT administrators should install encryption solutions that give company decision makers the ability to control the flow of data.

Education Programs
Companies that allow remote work can ensure that their employees are not the weak points in the secure system by educating them on basic cybersecurity practices. For example, employees should never access corporate information via public Wi-Fi and instead use a VPN with SSL encryption or equivalent. However, in the chaos of the modern day world, many employees opt for convenience and speed rather than security. Education can emphasize the importance of security.

One of many solutions that HOB offers for the mobile workforce is HOBLink Mobile. HOBLink Mobile allows mobile workers to access corporate data (e-mails, calendars, notes and contacts in Outlook) through a single app downloaded to a mobile device (available for iOS and Android). This means that employees never have to allocate valuable storage space on their mobile devices to view and use corporate data securely. Data is never saved on the device but only displayed to the user. This helps increase security, because no sensitive data will be on the device in case of theft or loss. On top, all data exchanged via HOBLink Mobile is SSL-encrypted and advanced compression methods ensure high performance even over low bandwidths.

Read more about access for mobile workers on our website.

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