Three Cybersecurity Myths debunked

Posted by Stefanie Kober Wed, 29 Jul 2015 09:51:00 GMT

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When it comes to cybersecurity, it seems as though most business leaders have an opinion.

This is the best way to protect our network…

Employee cooperation is vital to the success of our company’s cybersecurity solutions…

These are the security measures we need to implement…

However, as cybersecurity risks continue to grow in prevalence and severity, many myths arise about the best practices for optimal security. Heeding these myths may lead businesses to misuse resources and implement ineffective cybersecurity practices for their specific needs. Here are three common information security myths, debunked:

All hackers are computer geniuses.
This is not always the case. Hackers can take many forms. Yes, they could be tech geniuses maliciously wreaking havoc on a system or stealing sensitive corporate information, but they could also be employees with legitimate credentials for information access. Often careless employee practices leave sensitive information exposed and in some cases, disgruntled employees may steal corporate data in an effort to sabotage the organization. Businesses must be aware of all of these types of hackers in order to implement the most effective solutions possible. Employee cybersecurity education and promotion is crucial, as well as ensuring that former employees no longer have access to company networks.

Focus on protecting your data.
Yes, data protection is typically the core focus of the cybersecurity discussion, but companies should also consider protecting their networks from attack in general. The data is important to protect, but if the networks go down, the information is vulnerable.

Achieving 100% security is possible.
This notion is simply unrealistic. According to CSO, the average business would have to increase its security budget nine fold to address only 95 percent of security threats. Bombproof security measures inevitably decrease the flexibility and ease of the system they are protecting. Business leaders need to find equilibrium between security and flexibility to address top security concerns while allowing for a flexible and productive work environment.

Effective cybersecurity involves knowing what potential threats exist, specific to your industry and generally, and understanding the myths associated with cybersecurity. Before committing to a certain security solution, it’s important to be aware of these myths before assessing your cybersecurity measures as a whole.

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