Alec Baldwin Delivers RSA Conference Closing Keynote

Posted by Stefanie Kober Wed, 29 Apr 2015 05:53:00 GMT

At first glance it seems odd that American actor Alec Baldwin delivered the closing keynote at a cryptography and information security conference. However, as a Hollywood star, Baldwin is no stranger to need for privacy and security solutions, especially after the (allegedly) North Korean cyberattack on Sony Pictures last year that revealed a host of embarrassing emails and private information.

Since the Sony hack, Hollywood has reassessed its cybersecurity measures, hiring specialized technology companies to manage and protect the immense amount of private and sought after data on celebrities’ personal devices. These companies encrypt individual files with passwords and implement tracking systems to monitor who is accessing and modifying sensitive information in order to prevent hacks.

The archaic forms of intellectual property protection in Hollywood, such as using watermarks, aliases and even not including major plot twists in movie scripts, now seem humorous in an ever-connected and accessible digital world.

Not only is personal celebrity information valuable to media with desires to feed gossip-hungry audiences, but movie and TV scripts and unedited footage are also at a great risk. For example, in 2009, hackers got ahold of an outline for an upcoming film called “Area 51” and leaked it online, forcing the director and producer to abort the project.

With this in mind, Baldwin discussed the role of and need for cybersecurity and privacy measures in Hollywood.

Other speakers on Friday, April 24th included Hugh Thompson, RSA Program Committee Chairman and Dr. Srini Pillay, CEO of The NeuroBusiness Group.

We enjoyed this out-of-the-box take on cybersecurity and are happy to offer our own, unique and accredited secure remote access solutions.

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