What To Expect from HOB at RSA 2015

Posted by Stefanie Kober Tue, 14 Apr 2015 12:55:00 GMT

The RSA Conference started in 1991 as a way for cryptographers to share information and industry knowledge about security. Today, security and industry discussion are still at the forefront of the conference, even though technology and the way that we use it has drastically evolved. 

HOB, a market leader in secure remote access solutions, will join the security conversation at RSA this April at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, announcing the launch of HOBLink Secure for Apache and showcasing other products in its suite of remote access solutions. Here’s what you can expect from HOB at RSA this year:

The Launch of HOBLink Secure for Apache

This security component for Apache webservers enables secure communication and authentication in TCP/IP networks through SSL-encryption for Apache HTTP Servers (httpd) and premiers as the latest and greatest in Apache HTTP Server security. What makes it different? The proprietary module mod_hob_ssl replaces the commonly used Open Source mod_ssl module and therefore ensures higher levels of security. HOB will be conducting demonstrations of this new product at booth #3435.

A Presentation from Chief Technology Evangelist, Brandy Mauff

As a further demonstration of thought leadership in the field, Brandy will deliver a Sponsor Special Topics session entitled, “Secure Apache Web Server with HTML and HTTP 2.0.” Stop by North Room 132 at 11:30 a.m. on April 22 to hear Brandy’s dynamic presentation full of industry insights.

Updates to and Demonstrations of HOB’s Secure Remote Access Suite

The integration of technology into all facets of life has presented a host of security and privacy issues. With a fivefold increase in cyber threats last year in the US alone and the detrimental effects of successful cyber attacks on individuals, government entities and companies, cybersecurity has become a top of mind issue. HOB knows that cybersecurity looks different for different sectors and will present its suite of secure remote access solutions that allow for optimal flexibility and security.

HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client and HOBLink VPN 2.1 Gateway are the ideal client and server partnership for any IPsec scenario. Both will be available for demonstration at RSA. The hallmark of HOB products, HOB RD VPN, will also make an anticipated appearance at RSA 2015 with new features such as HOBLink JWT, which allows the support of many different platforms, HOBLink WebTerm, the HTML 5 client for access to Windows Remote Desktop Services, HOBLink Dash, an automatic file synchronization piece for multiple devices and HOBPhone, an integrated, web-based VoIP client.

Friendly Faces and “IT Made in Germany”
Attention to detail is not just a characteristic of HOB products; the HOB team embodies this characteristic as well. Over ten friendly faces from HOB will be at RSA 2015 for one-on-one meetings, product demonstrations and to answer any questions or field comments from RSA-attendees. Don’t miss this chance to meet with thought leaders in the secure remote access industry and see what truly sets “IT Made in Germany” apart. See you at booth #3435!

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