Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Cyber Security Practices Under Scrutiny

Posted by Stefanie Kober Wed, 25 Mar 2015 09:56:00 GMT

Clinton Tastaur Email

“Spillage” is a government term describing the instance of a public official or government employee introducing, intentionally or unintentionally, classified information into an unclassified system. Public officials and politicians must be extremely careful to not include sensitive information in personal emails, as spies and hackers are often able to gain insight into an official’s activities by piecing together information gleaned from unclassified emails.

This concept of spillage is precisely why Hillary Clinton’s cyber security practices have recently come under scrutiny. The former US Secretary of State was using a private email server that lacked government level security and is therefore more vulnerable to attacks and breaches. Although Clinton’s office stated that there has been no evidence of a breach on her server and that no classified information was ever shared across the server, IT experts claim that it’s currently impossible to know if this is true and that “the layers of security that would have to be employed to make a privately run exchange server as secure as something that is secured by the federal government would be pretty significant.”

Other experts opine that Clinton’s private email system, which was independent from that of The State Department, had obscurity on its side, as Clinton and The State Department are obvious targets for hackers. However, Clinton still communicated with top officials, including President Obama, via her private email system, which was a standard commercial server running on Microsoft software. Like most commercially available software, it was most likely susceptible to vulnerabilities. 

The scrutiny surrounding Clinton’s email server reveals the need to engrain cybersecurity practices into society. Regardless of social, political or economic prowess, it is your duty as a business leader to employ cyber security best practices at your workplace, ensuring that “spillage” of corporate data never occurs and that employees always access company email via an encrypted company VPN. Let’s make secure the new norm.

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