RSA 2015: Trends We Expect

Posted by Stefanie Kober Mon, 23 Mar 2015 08:23:00 GMT

This April, the HOB team will travel to San Francisco to present the latest advancements in our secure remote access solutions suite and join the international cybersecurity conversation at RSA 2015.

As thought leaders in the security industry, we outlined some of the trends we expect to see at this year’s conference:

BYOD Discussion
As many organizations begin to implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies as means of reducing overhead costs associated with purchasing and maintaining company equipment for a large workforce, security on these devices becomes an issue. Companies need to adjust IT efforts to encompass the inconsistencies involved with ensuring data security across a wide variety of devices. This topic ties heavily into the next trend we expect to see: the ubiquitous nature of mobile.

A Mobile Focus

We expect mobile to be integrated into every facet of the conference, not a freestanding topic as it has been in the past. Every aspect of cybersecurity will be examined through a mobile lens. RSA experts assert that every track at RSA will be infused with the words “cloud” and “mobile.”

Emphasis on Threat Intelligence

According to RSA experts, the terms “breach” and “response” appeared frequently in speaking and topic submissions for the 2015 conference and the term “threat intelligence” appeared four times more than it did last year. The popularity of these terms may be linked to the recent White House Cyber Security Summit, in which US President Barack Obama and thought leaders in the cybersecurity space identified cybersecurity as a national public safety issue. RSA Senior Content Manager, Britta Glade, states, “If you’re looking for practical ways to share and consume threat intelligence, this will be a great conference for you!”

Internet of Things in the Spotlight
According to an RSA webinar, there was a fivefold increase in submissions with a focus on IoT. Experts believe that RSA 2015 will delve into strategic approaches to “secure” IoT, as this topic is relatively immature.

We look forward to weighing in on these top-of-mind issues in the cybersecurity space. Stay tuned for more RSA 2015 reports!

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