Outsourced Diagnostics Call for Secure Remote Solutions

Posted by Stefanie Kober Thu, 12 Feb 2015 14:39:00 GMT

Outsourcing Secure Remote Access

Outsourcing customer service operations is a widespread business practice, due to the resulting lower labor costs incurred by companies. Offshore call centers respond to thousands of complaints and concerns from disgruntled customers. Consumers are familiar with this practice, and have even come expect it as the status quo of customer service. What they don’t expect, however, is that their medical diagnostics are also being outsourced. Hospitals, clinics and medical centers have found that outsourcing diagnostic procedures expedites the diagnostic process in an extremely cost-effective manner.

What this means for patients:
This means that while you may have had an MRI in the US, a doctor in another country actually reads while your local doctor consulted additional patients. Your local doctor may have personally delivered the results of this test, but the intermediary footwork occurred remotely. Apart from outsourcing diagnostic imagery, more hospitals have also adopted the practice of outsourcing laboratory services. As of 2014, 27.3% of U.S. hospitals claimed to outsource routine lab services, such as reading and interpreting blood tests. Many patients express qualms about these practices, raising concerns about the security of their confidential information and the accuracy of their distant diagnoses. However, the cost benefits of these practices for patients abound, and the time it takes to attain a diagnosis drastically decreases.

What this means for medical practitioners and hospitals:
This means that medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics and medical centers need high-performance remote access solutions to facilitate secure and rapid information flow. Hospitals that outsource diagnostic operations need high-speed broadband networks and storage systems capable of housing large quantities of sensitive information. This information must maintain its integrity and be delivered with impeccable accuracy. The system in place for the storage and transfer of medical information must be conducive to secure branch office connectivity, allowing only authorized users access to pertinent information. Once the said systems and solutions are in place, medical practitioners can assure patients that their medical information is secure, garnering patient trust while reducing medical expenses.

Working with a remote access provider like HOB would ensure secure data and secure transport of data among the payer, provider and patient to provide the necessary protection of patient information.

Secure access/transaction processing must satisfy at least this set of security features:

  • Simple, complete and interoperable integration with VPN gateways from any manufacturer. 
  • No installation of a client on PCs, Macs, tablets, phones or other devices, and no requirement of administrator rights.
  • Accommodation of the BYOD prevalent at many businesses today, while ensuring content security for patient or related healthcare information that is stored on these devices.
  • Facilitate preparation for disasters as part of comprehensive business continuity program through capabilities such as place- and platform-independent operations
  • Enable efficient and secure access by authorized business, technology, channel and other partners to content, with particular attention to accommodating regulatory constraints on access to certain information.
  • The secure access solution should also facilitate branch office connectivity.  This ensures authorized employees have access to the most current information, enables IT teams to manage connectivity centrally, simplifies support, and reduces operating costs.
  • Offer other features that can provide convenience to users and IT teams alike, such as VoIP calling features that allow for free phone calls from any location.

Additional information about secure access solutions for healthcare is available via The Security Skeptic. More information on HOB and its Remote Access solutions are available on www.hobsoft.com.

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