The Importance of Secure Remote Access for Educational Institutions

Posted by Stefanie Kober Tue, 10 Feb 2015 08:31:00 GMT

Being a student in the digital age is a vastly different experience than that of just a decade ago. With just a few clicks, students can gain access to thousands of resources and online databases. Campus technology bolsters academic collaboration, regardless of geographical location. Student registration can be conducted remotely, and the online classroom landscape eliminates the physical and fiscal barriers hindering students from pursuing an education. However, the breadth of educational technology burdens academic institutions with an array of challenges.

The first challenge is optimizing IT efficiency. Large educational institutions and universities must provide students with high-grade processers and servers that offer thousands of people immediate and secure access without faltering. System delays and the inability to access scholastic software and databases hinder the learning process.

The second challenge is IT security. Cyber-attacks on college campuses are a common occurrence. As these attacks grow in sophistication and specificity, campus IT departments need to not only be reactive, but proactive as well. Mitigating risk and reducing security vulnerabilities across a behemoth of a system is time consuming and costly.

The final challenge is the cost of IT. Large-scale systems often require a larger IT presence, however campus administrators may seek to increase enrollment, improve campus aesthetics or augment the athletic department at the expense of IT.

Secure remote access remediates these issues.

Secure remote access increases efficiency.

Secure remote access allows educational institutions to increase or scale down resources as needed to accommodate the ebb and flow of enrollment. This ensures that campuses and educational institutions receive the optimal amount of service for their current needs. Moreover, modern emote access solutions enable users to work efficiently, even with low bandwidth. Also, students don’t need to go through a lengthy or complicated installation – often times a standard web browser will be enough.

Secure remote access reduces security concerns
A comprehensive security strategy complete with firewalls, anti-virus software and intrusion prevention services is vital on college campuses that experience thousands of data breach attempts daily. Secure remote access solutions—with VPNs that protect sensitive student information like social security numbers, grades and banking information—are a necessity. HOB’s secure remote access solutions maintain system security and remote accessibility simultaneously.

Secure remote access reduces cost. 
Pure software solutions, like HOB RD VPN, provide secure remote access and can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure. This eliminates the cost of the hardware required to house large quantities of data. Secure remote access solutions also facilitate seamless interaction of incompatible systems, like Windows and Mac, reducing the IT costs as well as the delays stemming from system inconsistencies. Secure remote access also improves the availability of IT support staff, because only a Web browser is required for client access.

Secure remote access is a viable solution for educational institutions, due to the importance in the industry of protecting student data, adhering to administrative budgets and providing students with reliable information and resources.

Read more about the need for secure remote access in education on The Ed Tech Round Up. For more information on software based remote access solutions, please visit our website

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