Planning Ahead: Why Green IT is Essential Now

Posted by Stefanie Kober Thu, 05 Feb 2015 08:04:00 GMT


We live in a world of “est.” We attach this suffix to our adjectives so that the superlative has become the norm. Today, both individuals and companies seek the fastest, sleekest, lightest technology with the largest reach and connectivity, often at the expense of our natural resources. According to Time Techland, Google’s prolific data centers consume the energy required to continually power 200,000 homes -- that’s 260 million watts! To maintain the momentum of technological progress, while also ensuring the betterment of society, “est” should also apply to the idea of Green IT. After all, powerful and streamlined technology is useless if no society exists to benefit from it.

What is Green IT?
Green IT can be categorized into two realms: Green in IT and Green via IT. Green in IT is information and communication technology designed to bolster energy conservation and resource protection. Green via IT involves using technologies as vehicles for energy reduction and resource conservation in daily business operations.

Why Your Business Benefits From the Greenest:

Optimizing operations with Green IT cuts overhead costs; there’s a natural correlation between expending less energy and spending less money. Implementing Green IT also calls for the evaluation of current IT, which can reveal faults and inefficiencies in your operations, a task often overlooked in the day-to-day chaos of running a business. Finally, Green IT showcases your company’s corporate responsibility. It’s a concrete way to garner a positive image in the community. Community members are most likely familiar with the Modern Environmental Movement, often referred to as the Green Movement, and will acknowledge your efforts to support it.

Take Steps to Reduce Your Footprint:
Ensuring that your employees can work remotely is a quick fix. Secure remote work capabilities reduce the carbon footprint caused by commuters and powering large office buildings. With HOB RD VPN and the integrated Desktop-on-Demand function users can remotely access their desktop computers in the company network. Furthermore, when combined with Wake-on-LAN, the desktop PC is not required to be turned on. Rather, it can be remotely powered on, which decreases the overhead costs of electricity tremendously.

It’s easy and socially responsible to add “greenest” to the long list of superlative adjectives that describe your company’s operations. For more information and direction, start with HOB’s eBook, “With HOB Solutions Towards More Green IT,” now available for free download on the HOB website.

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