Pandemic Preparation and Remote Access Technology

Posted by Stefanie Kober Thu, 27 Nov 2014 13:23:00 GMT

Companies and institutions are becoming increasingly dependent on the availability of their digitized information in order carry out business processes. Businesses have to deal with unforeseen crises – pandemics, hurricanes and cyber security attacks – that may lead to serious or irreparable damage. Regarding business continuity, the question arises: is your company really prepared to effectively continue operations in emergency situations?

What is at Risk?
Critical factors in the background of pandemic preparation are the company’s reputation and brand, as well as the trust and loyalty of stakeholders. Corporate reputation should not be undervalued – in the case of a poorly handled crisis, it may take years for the company’s reputation to be re-established.

No Denying It
The term “business continuity” refers to both the short and long-term sustainability of the organization. Nonetheless, although numerous companies carefully plan for their financial growth and success, many do not take necessary steps in advance to deal with a crisis. Managers and organizations often fail to adequately protect core assets, commonly denying that their existence, showing reluctance to make pandemic preparation a priority, ignoring warning signs, or relying on weak, untested plans. Furthermore, some companies remain unaware of risks inherent to the business – which can take many forms. 

Preparing in Advance

Preparing your company in the event of a pandemic may seem daunting – how do you ensure business continuity when most of your employees cannot come to the office?

Investing in Remote Access Technology

The characteristics of a computer system providing for its recovery capability from disaster are determined by its architecture and implemented technical solutions. A remote access solution should be considered the main element of any business continuity or disaster recovery plan. This ensures that users can access information with minimal disruption to business processes, allowing employees to continue to work remotely from any location, and ensuring that your business partners retain uninterrupted access to important information.

The pure software virtual private network solution HOB RD VPN allows remote access via browser to all business-relevant data and applications in your company network. It offers high availability and fail-safety for the system through the clustering options, ensuring business continuity even in emergency situations.

Beyond the Crisis
All communities are vulnerable to disruptions that can be detrimentally costly. Time saved today in planning will help support employees, customers, and business partners, while also protecting the business investment and giving your company a better chance of survival. With HOB RD VPN, businesses can handle unforeseen emergencies, with minimum impact on business continuity.

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