5 Reasons Businesses Should Switch to VoIP

Posted by Tobias Eichenseer Tue, 22 Jul 2014 14:17:00 GMT

Businesses strive to reduce operating costs whilst improving their mode of operation. Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers a host of significant advantages compared to Public Service Telephone Network systems (PSTN), which is why businesses are implementing convergent speech- and data networks and VoIP systems. When using VoIP, voice traffic travels on the internet or over private data network lines, rather than being channeled across conventional commercial telecommunications lines. The benefits of VoIP include:

1. Cost-effectiveness
Probably the most striking advantage of VoIP is its ability to save on expenses.
For businesses, VoIP decreases the cost for equipment and effort, reducing labor and maintenance costs. The cost of long-distance phone calls can be reduced effectively with VoIP, in contrast to public switched telephone networks, which involve expensive international calls.

2. Increase flexibility

VoIP allows for management practices, such as teleworking, which are not possible with traditional phone technology. VoIP provides service and phone mobility, since the VoIP system can be used virtually anywhere, with the same company number, given that a broadband connection is available. This means that the user is not restricted solely to a fixed workplace, but can also work while travelling, for example. Using a headphone/microphone set connected to a computer system, a laptop can also serve to receive important customer phone calls.

3.More features
VoIP provides a number of useful features, which are, in addition to the standard features, associated with a traditional telephone system. Simultaneous communication with more than two persons is possible with VoIP; therefore this allows for online conferences with numerous persons at one go, decreasing travel costs. Other features include hold and unhold calls, support of several accounts, and call transfer ability, all of which are not possible using standard telephone equipment. VoIP feature upgrades normally require only bandwidth and software upgrades.

4. Intuitive Interface
The majority of VoIP systems use a web GUI, such that working with VoIP is rendered as easy as possible.
5. Security
Many enterprises are opting for VoIP on their own virtual private networks (VPN), benefitting from better security and quality than those that function solely over the public Internet. SSL VPN products provide security measures that can be used to protect the data traffic from unwanted access by unauthorized persons, both accidental and malicious, for all communications that pass over the Internet.

Making secure calls using HOBPhone
HOB RD VPN offers secure, flexible and comprehensive remote access to centrally stored company data and applications. One of the key functionalities of HOB RD VPN blue edition is HOBPhone. The Java-based SIP client HOBPhone easily connects to the enterprise telephone system without intensive software installation and allows for phoning from different locations worldwide via the Internet – and is completely comfortable and reliable. It is a secure, encrypted voice communication, thus calls are unable to be tapped.

Moreover, several user accounts can be used simultaneously, with a centrally configurable telephone book. The great advantage of the HOB solution: There is no need for an installation or administration rights on the client side. Worldwide connectivity for employees can thus be achieved quickly and easily. HOBPhone supports five accounts, whereby the user can make and receive calls from these five different lines. Voice conferencing with many persons from different accounts is made possible using HOBPhone, and one has the possibility to connect with exchange server for contacts. HOBPhone can be used with a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system.

Readers, do you think that VoIP is the way to go for establishing secure business calls? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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