The Heartbleed Bug - Part 3

Posted by Tobias Eichenseer Wed, 23 Apr 2014 14:13:00 GMT

While there has been much coverage online about the Heartbleed bug, it hasn’t been clear exactly which websites have been affected by the bug. Our friends at Mashable created a list of popular websites that may have been affected by the bug as well as feedback from representatives at those companies. See our abridged version of the list below.

Websites that highly suggest you change your password as soon as possible:

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • Gmail

  •  Yahoo

  • YouTube

  • DropBox

  • Wordpress

 Websites that don’t find it necessary to change your password:

  • LinkedIn

  • AOL

  • Hotmail

  • Amazon

  • eBay

  • Pandora

Many websites that suggest you change your password are unclear whether their site was affected or not, but still recommend that users create new and unique passwords. For example, a Facebook representative stated, "We added protections for Facebook’s implementation of OpenSSL before this issue was publicly disclosed. We haven’t detected any signs of suspicious account activity, but we encourage people to .set up a unique password."Because the Heartbleed bug is still an unraveling mystery, we believe the mantra “better safe than sorry” properly applies here. We suggest changing your passwords for every site you have an account with.

We’ll continue to update our blog with any new information about the bug!

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