A Look into the Crystal Ball: Mobile Operating Systems Market – the Past and the Future!

Posted by Stefanie Kober Tue, 08 Apr 2014 10:11:00 GMT

Many people tend to look back to the past instead of looking at the present and what the future might bring for us. As a leading IT specialist, our team strives to understand the past to better prepare for the future. So, we keep the different IT developments under review and strive to offer new innovation for our customers.

Smartphones are one of these inventions, which the companies benefit from. For this blog article we thought that it would be interesting to have a closer look at the smartphone operating system market. Especially in a time where the market segment is passing through a drastic change the last few years.

In 2009 Symbian was without exception the market leader in the smartphone OS area with a market share of 47%, followed by Apple iOS with only 14.4% of the worldwide market share! By contrast, Android had, with only 3.9 % market share, not yet achieved any great significance. (1)

But now, in 2014, the situation is very different: Apple iOS rules the market with an overall market share of 54.27%! Also Android caught up pretty fast with over 35% of the worldwide market share! The former market leader Symbian has almost entirely disappeared from the IT world with only 3.18% of the global smartphone market share by operating systems!  (2)

Graphic: Smartphone market share by operating system (iPhone Welt)

The numbers and consequently the diagram above show precisely that Apple iOS and Android are currently leading the global smartphone market.

HOB identified this trend at an early stage and already developed a solution for mobile access via the iOS operating system. Thus, HOBLink Mobile offers your employees the possibility to securely access company resources with only one app. It is guaranteed via a sandbox concept that no data is stored on the mobile device. Thus, this architecture increases the security of your files because even in the case of loss or theft of the smartphone, there won’t be any data that can be compromised. Currently, we are in the last stages of the test phase of HOBLink Mobile for Android operating systems! Keep reading our blog to stay up-to-date with news about HOBLink Mobile for Android.

Dear readers, what do you expect for the future of the mobile operating system market? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

(1) iPhone Magazin, 2010, iPhone OS, Symbian, RIM, Android und Co Marktanteile Vergleich, http://www.iphone-magazine.de/iphone-os-symbian-rim-android-und-co-marktanteile-vergleich-3233/
(2) Android Welt, 2014, iOS vs. Android – die Marktanteile im Januar 2014, http://www.androidwelt.de/ios-vs-android-die-marktanteile-im-januar-2014/




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