A New Threat: Social Engineering

Posted by Stefanie Kober Fri, 31 Jan 2014 08:24:00 GMT


As the instances and sophistication of cyber threats increase, IT teams must adapt new strategies to address the new risks. Common challenges in IT security include providing access to centrally stored data from remote locations, password breaches, the use of personal devices, and scalability. Remote access solutions provide a high level of security and are relatively easy to use. Innovations in this field, such as single sign-on and independent platform technology, enable users to employ one password to navigate through several layers of security and can be installed onto any device, respectively. However, even with measures in place that address these concerns, there are new security threats arising that cannot be accounted for by technology alone.

One of these new, threats has been termed ‘Social Engineering.’ This type of attack relies initially on human interaction in order to obtain and compromise personal or corporate resources. Victims are approached by a seemingly respectable or authoritative figure and asked to divulge sensitive information that leads to network infiltration. For instance, an attacker would pose as a researcher, a fellow employee, an IT admin or other professional individual, in order to extract passwords or logins from the victim that would give access to network or personal information.

Once a Social Engineer has attained this information, they will use it in harmful ways. Tactics include persuading others to run malware, unloading sensitive data and corporate espionage, to name a few. Just imagine what a cybercriminal could do with your banking and email passwords!

IT teams are expected to protect company resources by researching and deploying suitable software solutions. However, Social Engineers rely on the human instinct to help one another and the knowledge that most employees do not know the value of the information they have access to, and are therefore careless with protecting it. In order to create a comprehensive security program, educating employees on new kinds of threats in combination with remote access solutions, such as HOB RD VPN, is essential. HOB RD VPN gives you stress-free access to central data and applications in your enterprise with robust security.

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