2014 Security Predictions

Posted by Stefanie Kober Wed, 08 Jan 2014 13:37:00 GMT
Just like the rest of us, hackers will make New Year’s resolutions. However, instead of getting a new gym membership or vowing to eat healthier, cyber criminals will create new ideas to improve their efficiency and techniques in cyber attacks.
To gear up for the New Year, here are a few predictions for IT security professionals to watch out for. 
More Attacks Will Target Social Networks
As hackers become more advanced in their attack techniques, expect 2014 to be a year of effectively crafted malware that targets individuals with extreme accuracy. According to a 2014 Security Predictions Report by Websense Inc. attackers will increasingly exploit information of executives and organizations by using professional social networks.
Because of this, companies should monitor LinkedIn feeds to determine what information about their company is being revealed online. Employees may be sharing sensitive information without being aware of it. Furthermore, social engineering, or taking advantage of human behavior to pull of a scam, will continue to be an increasingly aggressive attack method.
Cloud Data Will Be Targeted
Storing data in the cloud became a ubiquitous practice in 2013. Hackers are aware of the popularity of cloud storage providers and in 2014, they will turn their attention to cloud providers as a way to access critical data. When signing an agreement with your cloud service provider, ensure that they have strong security measures to protect your data. For example, encryption mechanisms are an effective way to deter hackers.
Partners Must Watch Out Too
In some cases, if a hacker cannot break through the security defenses of a company, they will break into the network chain via the company’s partners. For example, many enterprises have partners that are on a smaller scale and therefore are not as well prepared in terms of software security. To prevent this from happening, ensure that your partners and contractors have legitimate security solutions in place as a part of an ongoing risk assessment practice. 
In addition to being aware of these security predictions for 2014, it is important that enterprises implement security solutions such as Single Sign-On or HOB RD VPN. Each of these solutions provides an extra layer of security for employees on the go and enterprises with sensitive data. 
Happy New Year, Readers! Please share your security predictions for 2014 in the comments below.

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