Remote Access Solutions Optimize Productivity and Efficiency of Customer Care Centers

Posted by Sarah Becker Tue, 17 Dec 2013 14:01:00 GMT

Over the past few years, traditional call centers have transformed from simple setups for telephone ordering to comprehensive Customer Care Centers that handle a multitude of functions such as customer relations, marketing and distribution activities. As the demands on these centers grow the caliber of the workforce must increase to meet new challenges.

In order for Customer Care Centers to grow in efficiency, ways to motivate the workforce must be considered. This means maintaining morale in the center during high stress periods and accommodating work-life balance for employees. Additionally, Customer Care Centers must uphold high quality standards for customers while keeping costs low.

By implementing remote access solutions, the IT of the call center can be optimized. Remote access solutions give employees the freedom to work independently from any platform or location that has internet access. Call center employees can access centrally stored resources securely and monitored via access permissions. Additionally, there are no setup costs incurred as employees do not need to install software on the client-side. This allows employees to make use of devices they already have, including PCs and tablets to perform their jobs, as opposed to purchasing new devices required for remote access software.

Remote access solutions also lower overhead costs as there is no longer a need for a brick and mortar building. Simultaneously, employees’ morale is boosted as they are not restricted to a single working location. Allowing the choice of a home office or another location or co-working space reduces commuting time and allows for a more flexible schedule. Employees appreciate this, and are in turn more productive and motivated.

The decrease in expenditure on capital in combination with increased employee productivity is one way that remote access solutions are used to meet the challenges of today’s Customer Care Centers.

To find out how Remote Access Solutions can optimize your business call center, check out our suite of HOB Remote Access Solutions.

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