Why Use a VPN

Posted by Sarah Becker Mon, 25 Nov 2013 12:51:00 GMT


As the instances of cyber threats increase in number and sophistication, society must adapt both at the enterprise and individual level. We hear about cybercrime in the news and we hope it never happens to us – but do we take the necessary precautions to prevent it?

One of the simplest and most secure ways to protect your personal data and company resources is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Using an internet connection, a VPN establishes a network of computers connected by secure ‘tunnels’.

Businesses use VPNs so that centrally stored resources can be accessed securely and remotely. Students deploy VPNs to gain access to academic materials that are stored electronically on-campus or through school subscriptions. Furthermore, as VPNs secure the internet connection to your device, you can guarantee that the data you send and receive via VPN is encrypted and secure from hostile entities.

When choosing the right VPN, there are several factors to consider: protocols, logins, authentication processes, scalability and flexibility. A product like HOB RD VPN ensures security and ease of use, while also alleviating costs. With HOB RD VPN, data being sent from the user’s device to the host server is encrypted, and therefore inaccessible to outside threats. Further protective methods, such as passwords, are used to authenticate authorization, and with the single sign-on feature of HOB technology, the user can implement one password to navigate through multiple layers of security. As the amount of users increase, this software adapts by scaling supply and demand instantaneously. And as the HOB technology is platform independent, users won’t be forced to purchase new devices to ensure secure remote access.

Even if you think your data isn’t worth stealing, it could still be appealing to cyber criminals. As cyber threats become more advanced, think twice before using an unsecured network at your favorite coffee shop!




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