Two Heads are Better Than One: How to Accommodate Business Partners

Posted by Sarah Becker Tue, 29 Oct 2013 09:27:00 GMT


Entrepreneurs, small and large business owners collaborate with partners in order to expand their breadth of expertise and capabilities. Maintaining and nurturing partnerships with suppliers, distributors, and development partners is critical for the success of business partnerships. The involvement of business partners in your operations earns trust, reduces lines of communication, secures data exchange and strengthens mutual links. Furthermore, adhering to the needs of a partner contributes to a business’ growing ecosystem of relationships. 

However, a constant struggle business partners face is sharing business data and applications. With partnerships spanning across countries, continents and time zones, it is difficult to collaborate and share the most up to date business materials. 

In order to comprehensively integrate business partners into your operations, it is important to utilize remote access solutions. For example, HOB’s suite of remote access solutions offers businesses and their partners secure access to the most important business information and applications. 

Enterprise advantages of remote access for business partners:

  • Each partner can work independently of location and platform
  • Each partner has access to all work-relevant data and applications from their preferred hardware
  • No configuration costs and minimal administration costs, as no software need be installed on the client machines
  • Secure access to the internal firm web servers (Intranet, etc)
  • Ability to specify the extent of access permissions or allow access to only certain authorized applications
  • Guarantee security through individually selected, multi-layer authentication

With the collaboration of ideas and the implementation of remote access solutions, business partners can achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. As the age old idiom says, “Two heads are better than one.”

Readers, what struggles have you faced when collaborating with business partners? Did remote access help solve those problems? Please share in the comments below.


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