Maintaining Personal Security

Posted by Sarah Becker Wed, 23 Oct 2013 07:50:00 GMT

The internet has truly changed our lives in countless ways. It connects people living on opposite sides of the world, provides the answer to any and every question with a simple Google search, as well as made tedious tasks such as bill paying and house hunting much simpler. 

However, there is also a dark side to the internet. Personal privacy is constantly at risk with the countless hacker attacks, data breaches and identify thefts occurring daily.  

Despite the risk the internet presents, there are steps you can take to limit your vulnerability to malicious hackers:  

Stay up to date on personal security issues—People are at constant risk for identity theft, e-mail phishing scams and other personal security issues. By utilizing the internet as well as your company’s resources to become informed of new risks and recent data breaches, you can learn how to safeguard your information and be motivated to keep your company’s data safe too. 

Maintain password security—As mentioned in a previous blog, maintaining a strong password could be the one thing that protects your personal data. Strong passwords also play an essential role in one of the features of HOB RD VPN. As featured in our video series, Single Sign-On with Kerberos allows a user to log on only once with personal access data. Security follows the initial sign on and remains throughout the interaction. 

Be aware of malware—Constantly downloading free applications and software makes you an easy target for malware. Any device that connects to the internet opens the door to malicious software, viruses and spyware. Be sure to only download from well-known, trusted apps and businesses.

Keep Social Media Private—If an identity thief has access to your Facebook profile, he or she can easily find out sensitive information about you such as where you live, your mother’s maiden name and where you work—just enough to steal your identity.  

Luckily, some of the issues we’ve addressed can be avoided by using a reputable security program or virtual private network such as HOB RD VPN. 

Readers, what other suggestions do you have for maintaining personal security? Please share in the comments below.

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