What Could Have Prevented This Breach?

Posted by Sarah Becker Wed, 16 Oct 2013 15:05:00 GMT

Last month, the information of approximately 2,600 patients of a St. Louis, Missouri hospital was compromised as a laptop and flash drive containing sensitive data was stolen from a doctor’s car. 

An article by SC Magazine, documents the data breach. While names, birth date, medical history were exposed, the data did not also include social security numbers, billing information or any other financial information. 

The hospital’s response to the breach consisted of notifying affected patients via letters and updating security policies related to theft and mobile devices.  

This incident was certainly not the doctor’s fault, however it is still important to recognize what could have prevented this theft. What part could remote access played? 

Remote access solutions, such as HOB RD VPN, provide secure, economic and reliable access to your company’s data and resources. This means that sensitive data does not need to be saved on your personal device nor do you need to carry a flash drive in order to access it. Instead, the data is password protected and encrypted in order to prevent any sort of breach. In the case of the St. Louis doctor, remote access would have been a valuable tool to protect his patient’s data. 

HOB RD VPN has played a valuable role in enterprise security and data protection. The competitive advantages of utilizing this tool are endless and reach beyond security concerns. For example, HOB RD VPN offers high efficiency in all areas and provides cost savings. 

Readers, how else do you think this doctor could have protected his patient’s sensitive data? Please share in the comments below.



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