How Secure is Secure?

Posted by Sarah Becker Fri, 11 Oct 2013 08:21:00 GMT

Smartphones and tablets were designed to make life easier as these devices have become the doorway to remote communication and better work-life balance. Furthermore, like a real doorway, access is possible from either side.

It has recently become public knowledge that unwarranted surveillance is common place. Knowing now that large tech companies have been legally obligated to hand over massive amounts of client data, the concern on everyone’s mind has been for the security of their own information. If the government has access to our personal resources, then who else is privy to this information? If government agencies found ways around security firewalls, what’s to stop another pervasive group?

Apple, one of the companies forced to hand over client data, is attempting to quell the fears of consumers through their newly available fingerprint technology. Users need a simple, reliable method of protecting their data, and Apple seems to have found it. However, the fingerprint security method begs several questions. Users are asking themselves if Apple’s ownership of our fingerprints safe? Where will the fingerprints be stored and who would have access to this fingerprint? Furthermore, is it possible that the fingerprint sensors could be tricked, giving access to any hacker who can bypass the security feature?

Smart devices have reached an obstacle, but having experienced the ease and comfort of remote access, it is unlikely that their popularity will subside. With the understanding for the need for security and user privacy, HOB, has developed Apple compatible HOBLink iWT.

HOBLink iWT for Apple iPad offers a robust security system with multiple options for low, medium or high security level data encryption. Authentication methods can also be set according to individual needs and preferences. In addition to these options, when HOBLink iWT is combined with HOB’s flag ship product, HOB RD VPN, additional security features like SSL encryption become available.

Readers, what do you think of Apple’s new fingerprint technology? Please share in the comments below.

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