HOB Clarifies Cloud Computing with Free E-book

Posted by Ming Jan Sam Mon, 07 Oct 2013 09:58:00 GMT

As more financial service firms move toward cloud computing solutions, their IT departments are faced with significant legal and regulatory challenges. The typical financial institution faces concerns of data privacy, systems security, disaster recovery and risk management. In addition to this list, these firms must also adhere to federal regulations regarding technological service requirements. However, several IT professionals are voicing dissatisfaction that compliance with government standards is not aligned with cloud computing best practices.

The optimal cloud computing solution balances government regulation and customer satisfaction with IT principles. Financial institutions must weigh individual enterprise needs with the functionalities and critical components of cloud solutions. The benefits of cloud computing will only increase with technological innovation, and HOB is already exploring solutions.

As the market leader in pure software-based remote access solutions, HOB helps IT teams better understand cloud computing and its challenges. The most recently released e-book titled, “Clearing the Haze on Cloud Computing in the Financial Services Industry,” helps institutions create cloud computing strategies, and is now available for free download on the HOB website. 

Topics in the e-book include: 

  • Key Cloud Computing Requirements as Set Forth by Regulatory Bodies – Optimizing cloud computing capabilities while observing government regulations
  • Forward Moving Steps to a Cloud Computing Strategy – Informing financial institutions about security risks in order to strategize effectively 
  • Types of Remote Access Solutions Suitable for Financial Institutions – Familiarizing financial institutions with individual needs and the critical components of cloud-based solutions 

Do you have insights into the details of cloud computing? Help us clear the haze with comments and questions below!

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