The Benefits of the Mobile Workforce

Posted by Sarah Becker Fri, 20 Sep 2013 11:05:00 GMT


The digital revolution has caused radical changes in the way people work. The traditional office no longer consists of high-rise office buildings filled with hundreds employees that work from 9-5. Instead, the new norm is a geographically distributed workforce that connects to enterprise data whenever and wherever.

With the use of smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and ubiquitous Internet connection, the mobile workforce is now stronger than ever and still growing. Furthermore, as the population of mobile workers continues to increase, organizations are providing them with tools to do their jobs away from the office.

This fundamental changes created by the workplace offers endless benefits for enterprises and employees alike. These benefits include:

Decreased Absence — Employees can work at times when going into the office is impossible due to natural disasters or commute challenges. Furthermore, employees can check e-mails and connect to enterprise data during their vacation or sick days so they do not fall behind.

Increased Productivity — With limitless connectivity, work hours expand beyond 9-5 and adjust to the schedules employees prefer. When employees have the capability to work at their preferred time and location, they are more likely to be productive. In addition, employee productivity can benefit from the increased convenience and ease of use of mobile devices.

Streamlined Workflow
— Employees are able to access documents with ease and keep track of projects regardless of their location. The increased accessibility has made once tedious tasks, much easier as there are no delays in communication.

In support of the benefits of the mobile workforce, HOB has developed a solution that is not only very secure, but also high performing through the optimization of bandwidth usage. HOBLink Mobile allows e-mail, contatcs and calendar access on the road. The benefit: as the data are not stored on the device, data loss in the event of theft or loss of the mobile device is no longer a threat.

HOBLink Mobile is available for download in the Apple iTunes Store and supports numerous mobile devices including Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In order to further expand the mobile workforce, HOBLink Mobile will also be available soon for mobile devices running Android operating systems.

Are you a member of the mobile workforce? What are the benefits you’ve experienced? Please share in the comments below.

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