Hackers Are Getting Creative

Posted by Sarah Becker Wed, 18 Sep 2013 16:43:00 GMT

As IT security professionals get creative about the ways they protect our data, hackers are getting even more creative about the ways they access our data.

A recent article, by CBS New York, reports that hackers have developed a new device that allows them to plant viruses in your smart phone via public charging stations.

Smart phones contain sensitive user information and are widely used, making them a primary target for hackers.  With the widespread use of smart phones and the on-the-go lifestyle, public charging stations have also become very popular. Hackers have keyed into this trend and found that chargers are the perfect medium to attack unsuspecting smart phone users.

The device used to access smart phone data is less than $50 for a hacker to engineer. IT security experts are still trying to pin point how exactly these devices work and what data they collect.

However, experts have informed us how to identify the virus. If you’re an iPhone user, go to “settings,” then “general,” and if the phrase “provision profile” appears in addition to “software update,” and “usage”, you might be a victim of this hack. If you find the virus on your smart phone, we advise you to visit your service provider or a smart phone expert immediately.

Have you fallen victim to a smart phone attack? Please share your story in the comments below.

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