Schools Adopt the Cloud

Posted by Sarah Becker Fri, 06 Sep 2013 11:44:00 GMT


From universities to grade schools, education institutions are increasingly leveraging technology to meet their unique challenges. With sometimes tens of thousands of students, faculty members and staff needing access to applications and documents from remote locations, it is a huge challenge for IT teams to accommodate these people while maintaining security requirements with optimal efficiency.

Despite limited IT budgets, education institutions focus much of their funding on IT services as they are aware that the benefits of remote access and cloud computing are endless. With the logical implications of cloud computing, 40% of K-12 schools are utilizing to cloud computing for data storage, according to a study by CDW Government, a provider of government technology products and services.

With the knowledge of the importance of education and the desire to aid this industry, HOB has had proven success in helping IT teams within educational institutions meet their challenges.
For example, HOB RD VPN has several key benefits for educational institutions:
•    Provides secure and cost-effective 24/7 computer lab access to your students from anywhere
•    Allows secure remote access to education resources and individual desktops for faculty and staff members
•    Optimizes existing server resources and reduce total cost of ownership
•    Extends the classroom through e-learning programs with high application availability
•    Improves availability of IT support staff; only a Web browser is needed for client access
Do you believe that educational institutions’ adoption of the cloud and remote access solutions utilizes their funding effectively? Please share in the comments below.

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