New eBook: Debunking Myths About Remote Access Technology

Posted by Sarah Becker Fri, 06 Sep 2013 06:25:00 GMT

As the population of the mobile workforce increases, employees are demanding access to enterprise data anytime, anywhere and with uninterrupted connectivity. However, IT administrators have faced many challenges while implementing remote access for their enterprise including security complications and management policies. As a result, VPNs have faced some criticism and IT teams have become resistant to implementing them.

Through a new e-paper, now available for free download on our website, we want to clarify VPN misconceptions and give IT teams the confidence that their organization’s data is secure and safe.

The e-paper is titled “Debunking Myths About Remote Access Technology” and describes various myths about VPNs and provides clarification in order to help enterprises fully understand the value remote access provides for enterprises.

The following myths are addressed detail in the e-paper:

1.    VPNs Slow Down the Computer or Device
2.    VPNs Are Limited in Supported User Activities
3.    VPNs Only Allow Access to the Organization’s Data
4.    VPNs Are No Different Than Other Portals
5.    VPN Connections Fail Often and Require Repeat Log-Ins
6.    Cloud-Computing Is Making VPN Technology Obsolete
7.    VPNs Aren’t a Helpful Part of a Mobile Workplace Strategy
8.    Once an Employee Has Remote Access, He or She Can Access Company Resources Forever
9.    VPNs Expose Corporate Assets to Malware on Unmanaged PCs
10.    Keystroke Loggers Can Compromise VPN Authentication
11.    VPNs Leak Corporate Data onto Home and Public PCs
12.    VPN Management Policies Are Difficult to Administer

In addition to dispelling remote access myths in detail, the e-paper also explores the benefits of remote access technologies and offers useful tips about the use of VPN solutions.

Are there additional myths about remote access that were not addressed in the e-paper? Share in the comments below and we’ll debunk them!

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