Digitalize the School? HOB RD VPN makes it possible!

Posted by Sarah Becker Fri, 06 Sep 2013 10:54:00 GMT

Today we are posting a blog from a student who did a week-long internship with us. He came here to find out how an IT company works from the perspective of an employee. During his week he learned a lot about our software solutions and wrote this blog article for us from a student’s perspective:  Digitalize the School? – HOB RD VPN makes it possible!
We love this blog and would like to say thank you very much!


The summer vacation is over and the normal school routine has begun again. It’s time to pack your bag and head off to school. But one question always pops up: is there also a way to make this easier?

At a university, for example, you can easily and securely access the school servers and the data and materials needed for the day are readily available via PC or laptop. With HOB’s software, schools now have the possibility to implement “School 2.0“.

This also works in the case of illness: students that are sick can always stay up-to-date. So is it possible to implement this solution in schools? Yes, why not?! Schools would not have to purchase books for the students anymore; e-books would be enough. The environment would also benefit from this process as less paper would be wasted for the production of books and booklets – these would no longer be necessary with HOB RD VPN.

With HOB RD VPN, every student that has an Internet connection can easily access their school materials and documents – no matter where they are or when they want access. You no longer have to worry about creating user accounts and distributing the correct access rights. HOB RD VPN makes this process very simple, and afterwards the students can start accessing and working on their data very easily from anywhere.

Conclusion: if you have the possibility to implement such a solution, then you have found the perfect product for your own virtual private network (VPN) and a secure school network. HOB is looking forward to your inquiry!

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