The Government vs. Remote Access

Posted by Sarah Becker Tue, 03 Sep 2013 09:41:00 GMT

The adoption rate of cloud computing and remote access solutions has been exponential in recent years, as many different industries have fully migrated to cloud solutions.

However, one industry has yet to fully adopt the cloud—the government. According to cloud computing expert, David Linthicum, the government has been resistant to full migration to cloud computing and remote access due to complexities of federal business processes.

Despite the complicated nature of security regulations, government research organization, IDC Government Insights, released a study that took a detailed look at the government’s 2014 IT plans. According to the report, the U.S. government experts to spend $118.3 million on public cloud solutions. This new budget is an increase of 32.8%. The implications of this budget proves that in the next year, the government will be more focused on developing an IT strategy that will allow the adoption of cloud computing.

We, here at HOB, hope to see an increase of the government’s use of cloud computing and remote access solutions as our products are designed especially to meet the growing security and compliance requirements. For example, our flagship product, HOB RD VPN, has extensive security perfect for critical government data.

HOB RD VPN supports government agencies in successfully integrating secure remote access solutions into their existing IT infrastructures – for 24/7 secure remote access to data and applications, at any time, from anywhere around the world and with any device. This software solution also enables encrypted data communication using SSL and supports various state-of-the art authentication mechanisms like Kerberos Single Sign-On. Additionally, HOB RD VPN allows government agencies to implement client-side SSL-certificates, e.g., on Smartcards, and supports the usage of one-time-password solutions within their compliance strategy.

Do you think the government’s adoption of cloud computing and remote access solutions will be successful? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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