Cloud Don’ts: How to Achieve Success When Adopting the Cloud

Posted by Sarah Becker Wed, 21 Aug 2013 14:39:00 GMT


The cloud has granted many enterprises with endless benefits including streamlined business processes and improved flexibility. However, as the cloud becomes a necessity, a number of enterprises are realizing that cloud migration requires more effort than they had assumed.


The most common mistake that enterprises make when adopting the cloud is lack of research. We want to make cloud migration easy on the enterprise. Here are a few Cloud Don’ts to make sure you stay on Cloud 9:

Don’t Always Choose What Is New

When selecting a cloud service provider, many assume that the latest cloud software is the best option for their enterprise. In reality, all clouds are not created equal. It is important to be aware of the differences between basic data storage providers and the wide range of IT networking infrastructure with on-demand access to servers, applications and software.

Don't Forget to Plan

When adopting your new cloud computing solution, don’t forget to plan for security, governance and compliance. Failure to plan results in a system that will not provide proper services to enterprise employees and will not a pass audit. Furthermore, failure to abide by security policies and regulatory requirements will result in large fines and legal issues.

Don’t Assume You’re Immune

The cloud is a certainly an efficient method to store data, but do not assume that cloud service providers are immune to security breaches, hacks or website crashes. Ensure that a third party also consistently backs up enterprise critical data.

The cloud is a remarkable invention, but it is important to recognize the nuances so that we can properly handle cloud migration for our enterprises! Please share additional cloud don’ts in the comments below.

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