The Rise of Co-Working Office Spaces

Posted by Ming Jan Sam Mon, 05 Aug 2013 07:38:00 GMT

Every few years corporations try to find new ways to set up their offices to inspire more productivity among their employees. The newest trend is the co-working office space. Trying to emulate the way that Google and other companies create work environments that are fun and not just sitting in a cubicle, co-working office spaces are trying to do the same for those in different professions. 

This movement's fundamental values are community, sustainability, openness, and accessibility. It allows for collaboration and discussion amongst like minded people in different vocations, which in turn produces more thoughtful and well-rounded work. 

"You can meet people at a coffee shop, but it's harder to have meaningful interactions," Darius Roberts says. "Co-working lends itself to that." (Bloomberg Businessweek: Small Business)

Remote access and cloud computing go hand-in-hand with co-working office spaces, because it allows for professionals to securely access enterprise data they need, but be in a space that motivates and inspires them. 

The demand for co-working office spaces is predicted to grow as much as 40% this year, as reported by Deskmag

Do you think that co-working office spaces will take off as expected? Please share in the comments below.

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