Let’s Celebrate, it’s Happy SysAdmin Day!

Posted by Ming Jan Sam Thu, 25 Jul 2013 10:53:00 GMT

They are the heroes of our offices: as quick as lightning, they are always on the spot if the computer is on the fritz, the printer strikes back or data are lost. System Administrators are fighting to keep the network stable and to keep our data secure. They are always on the spot at all times of the day if we ever need to call – Help!!!

Let’s be honest with ourselves; over the whole year our system admins and our support department hardly get acknowledged by us for what they do. Without them, our PC’s wouldn’t be fully operational, no firewalls or routers could be installed and there wouldn’t be any updates of our virus protection software – anything else that simplifies our daily work life and keeps our business processes going. In fact, we and our system administrators often barely even know each other. But now, one day in the year, we have the chance to make a change!

July 26, 2013 is the 14th annual System Admin Appreciation Day. Everybody around the world is invited on this day, for these 24 hours, to do something good and special for their system administrators and to properly celebrate them.  There are no limits to the creativity that can be used.

The team at HOB has scratched their heads and come up with some special gift ideas for you to make your system admins happy: 

  1. Home-made cakes or sweets
  2. Pizza and cola
  3. USB pocket heater
  4. Spiderman money box
  5. Animated “thinking“ t-shirt
  6. Android figures
  7. Chewbacca plush doll
  8. And much more!

You can find more gift ideas at Getdigital.de. Discover more about SysAdmin Day at the website Sysadminday.com. Have fun while organizing your presents and your parties!

And of course we want to thank our great admin and support team: Many thanks for all your support and your willingness to help us. Thanks for your patience with us and those computer problems that are mostly created by us. You are terrific co-workers and we are so glad that we have you all!

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