5 Industries That Should Adopt Cloud Computing and Remote Access Solutions

Posted by Sarah Becker Wed, 24 Jul 2013 14:59:00 GMT

Over the past few decades, many industries have attempted to adopt various technologies for business development, but very few have managed to become successful. However, now that cloud computing and remote access has proved to be a norm rather than a trend, these technologies may reap benefits in industries beyond the IT sector.

Below are a few industries that could reach a wider range of customers and capabilities if remote access and cloud computing were utilized.

1. Entertainment

Imagine going to a friend’s house and having access to your DVD and gaming collection with just a click of a few buttons. The entertainment industry could yield great success if their customers could remotely access their favorite movies and video games.
2. Educational Institutions

Schools of all sorts are increasingly providing computers to their students and faculty. However, if students and faculty could access their school files from home via secure remote access, homework and grading could be much easier. In addition, use of the cloud will slash hardware costs which will allow more budgets for educational programs.

3. Retail

Similar to educational institutions, implementing the cloud can significantly reduce hardware costs. If cash registers and inventory systems kept information in the cloud, companies could reduce the risk of losing data and better manage money and product inventory.

4. Hotels and Restaurants

The internet has yielded great success for the hospitality industry as it allows online reservations and cuts hardware costs. However, hotels and restaurants can additionally benefit from cloud computing as it helps information transfer seamlessly, strengthens security and shortens the guest information deployment process.

5. Security Companies

By security companies, we do not mean IT security! In this case, security officers could benefit from both remote access and cloud computing by being able to access surveillance systems from locations outside the facility which allows them to monitor properties and review previously recorded footage.

What additional industries do you think could benefit from cloud computing and secure remote access? Please share in the comments below.


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