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Posted by Sabrina Sturm Thu, 20 Jun 2013 11:27:00 GMT

Many of us utilize VPN solutions as they allow secure and reliable access to critical data on the local network. However, there is a hidden benefit within utilizing a high-quality VPN — WAN clustering. With a high quality VPN, you can facilitate safe, effective and cost-efficient WAN clustering.

WAN clustering, also referred to as geoclustering, is a network architecture through which multiple servers are housed in different geographical locations from what appears to be a single, highly-available network to users. WAN clustering allows business environments to run operations uninterrupted and maximize employee productivity by ensuring information assets are available anytime, anywhere — a substantial competitive advantage.

We, here at HOB, seek to help enterprises better understand WAN clustering and VPN technologies with our new now available for free download on the HOB website. The geoclustering e-book describes the capabilities of WAN clustering and how to select the optimal VPN for an organization. 

Additional topics in the geoclustering e-book include:

  • The Role of Wan Clustering in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity — How does WAN clustering help remove the risk of losing critical data? 
  • The Usefulness of Load Balancing — What can WAN clustering do to help balance the load of traffic and allows users to reach data more quickly?
  • How Well Managed VPNs Can Maximize WAN Clustering Potential — How can IT teams strike a balance between accessibility, speed and cost when choosing the appropriate VPN for their WAN clustering needs?
  • Creating the Optimal WAN Clustering for Your Business’ Needs — What are vital concerns IT teams must consider and how can network activity be monitored so that these goals are met?
  • Selecting the Best VPN Technology for Your Network — What additional objectives should IT teams consider before selecting which VPN technology to implement?

Click here to download the free geoclustering e-book.

Do you utilize WAN clustering? Did it help improve your connectivity to enterprise data? Please share in the comments below!


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