The Mobile Workforce: Defined

Posted by Ming Jan Sam Tue, 18 Jun 2013 07:38:00 GMT

Enterprise mobility has extended across the world as more and more companies are taking a mobile approach to where their employees are located and when they are working. In fact, a new term—workshifting—has been coined in the midst of the mobile workforce extravaganza. Workshifting, by definition, is working outside the traditional office atmosphere and hours with the use of VPNs and mobile devices.

An exponential number of enterprises are allowing employees to step outside of the office and connect to enterprise data from a preferred location. The facts below further explain the growth of the mobile workforce as well as the benefits:

  • Mobile workers now carry 3.47 mobile devices for work, up from 2.68 in 2011
  • Mobile workers juggle 3 to 4 tasks at a time, allowing them to get more work done
  • Mobile workers put in 240 hours more a year than non-mobile employees
  • 47% of enterprises have changed corporate guidelines regarding non-IT managed devices to be more accommodating due to the introduction of products such as iPhone, iPad, Android and more
  • 62% of mobile workers believe that being able to work remotely is a necessity 

(Data provided by iPass, a provider of commercial Wi-Fi networks.) As the mobile workforce grows, the importance of IT security and strategic mobility plans grows as well. To learn more about the mobile workforce and how to strategically implement mobile working into your enterprise’s IT plan, download our free e-paper

Do you have any striking statistics regarding mobile workers? Please share in the comments below.


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