Explore how VPNs Help Provide Secure Mobile Workplaces with Our E-Paper

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Tue, 11 Jun 2013 11:33:00 GMT

As mobile working becomes the norm, enterprises must develop and implement strategies that account for the wide range of devices and operating systems that employees use to access company networks. While creating a mobile workplace strategy, enterprises must also consider that access to critical data on a local network requires detailed IT security systems.

A new HOB e-paper, “IT Security: How VPNs Help Provide Secure Mobile Workplaces” shows enterprises how to addresses these challenges and create smart mobile workplace strategies.

The e-paper is now available for FREE download on the HOB website.

It provides key considerations when choosing an appropriate VPN solution and reviews the various types of VPNs. The e-paper also addresses key security topics and answers burning questions regarding VPNs, including:

  • The Benefits and Downsides of Mobile Workplaces -- What are the most common risks that enterprises face and which best practices help overcome these obstacles?
  • Developing a Strategy for Mobile Workplaces -- What are the most essential and mission critical aspects of a mobile workplace strategy?
  • Technical Approach to a Successful Mobile Workplace Realization -- What benefits and weaknesses must IT teams consider before selecting and deploying the optimal VPN for their enterprise?
  • Creating Best Practices that Will Maximize Employee Productivity -- Which best practices are the most effective in maximizing employee productivity?
  • Avoiding the Security Pitfalls of a Mobile Workplace Deployment -- What pitfalls do IT teams need to be aware of so that corporate data stays secure?

Click here to download your free e-paper.

How will the e-paper help improve your mobile workplace strategy? Please share your feedback in the comments below! 


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