VPN Solutions: More Security AND Lower Costs in a Mobile Environment

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Wed, 27 Mar 2013 13:11:00 GMT

Whoever wants mobile access to enterprise data, must give primary consideration to security. After all, cyber crooks are increasingly attacking the often poorly protected smartphones and tablets in order to gain illicit access to confidential information. For this reason, the use of a VPN solution also for remote access via mobile devices is pretty much obligatory.

VPN solutions can, however, provide more than “just” secure access to confidential data. Something that is often neglected is the fact that VPN solutions can also greatly help to save on cost. Just about every VPN solution uses a type of data compression for transmitting the data from the network to the client. This is the only way to guarantee acceptable performance. On the one hand, this fact ensures that the requested contents are quickly available remotely, and on the other, this also allows for the transmission of smaller amounts of data. Especially with mobile devices, providers rake in large fees. This is particularly so when transmitted data is charged for per Megabyte (MB) and not at a flat rate. When on overseas business trips, most employees don’t have flat rates. In this event, a VPN solution can effectively reduce the cost of using a mobile device. Exactly how much you can save can be seen in the study “Compressing costs and bandwidth” from AnchorFree.


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