Cyber-Espionage Originating in China Continues

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Thu, 21 Mar 2013 12:06:00 GMT

Like many of you, we here at HOB have been following the news reports covering the Chinese government hacking into networks of companies in the U.S. We covered this issue last month in our blog post, “The Cautionary Tale of Cyber Security Continues.” It reported the attempts and methods used by the Chinese military to hack into the New York Times’ network. The Chinese military’s alleged motive was to uncover the sources of an October article reporting on the wealth accumulated by relatives of China’s premier, Wen Jiabao. In a similar fashion, the Wall Street Journal also experienced hacks with connections to the Chinese government. The Journal reported that the possible motive for the cyber-spying was to monitor coverage of China in the newspaper and trace the sources of that information. 

A new article, by the Los Angeles Times, provides yet another reminder of how essential it is for companies to secure their networks. The article contains content from the personal blog of a young man, Wang, who was enlisted in the People's Liberation Army hacking unit until 2008. Wang’s blog provides a rare, behind the scenes glimpse into the world's largest institutionalized hacking operation —a growing concern for the U.S. 

Wang’s blog coincides with a time in which Mandiant, a U.S. computer security firm, reported hackings of 141 organizations, most of them American. The hundreds of terabytes stolen included information from chemical, technology, financial, health-care and many more industries. It is believed that the Chinese used this information to build competitive advantage. 

What are your thoughts on cyber attacks from other countries? Do you have ideas for the security technologies that can be put in place to identify and thwart attacks?

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