The Final Part of Our Video Series on HOBPhone

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Thu, 07 Mar 2013 11:53:00 GMT

In our final week of video blogs, we will be covering HOBPhone—a Java-based SIP client connects you to your enterprise telephone system. HOBPhone enables you to telephone from anywhere in the world over the Internet with just one phone number. This feature also allows internal calls to co-workers or external calls to your clients. Not only are these calls unable to be tapped, but you can call from any location as if you were calling from your office without intensive software installation. The convenience of HOBPhone continues with its cost effective qualities as telephone costs are lowered especially with frequent calls to foreign countries. 

The features of HOBPhone include:

  • Savings on telephone costs (PSTN, fixed network)
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Optimum bandwidth utilization
  • High audio quality
  • Central or local installation
  • Centrally configurable telephone book
  • Use of several user telephone accounts
  • Secure, encrypted voice communication
  • Display and use of the corporate telephone number, even when you are on the road
  • Central user management
  • Works even over slow lines
  • Easy integration into an existing network environment

Thank you for keeping up with our video blog posts for the past 8 weeks! To see a compilation of the videos, please click here!

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