Part 8 of Our HOB RD VPN Video Series: Multi-Tenant Capability

Posted by Ming Jan Sam Thu, 28 Feb 2013 07:31:00 GMT

Welcome back to our 8th week of video blogs! This week we are covering the Multi-Tenant Capability of HOB RD VPN.

HOB RD VPN allows you to use the system with several tenants. Individual rights and roles in accordance with your enterprise’s specific requirements can be assigned to each tenant, offering many new possibilities. You can also configure domains and authentication mechanisms, as well as make custom definitions of roles and rights for different user groups. Various conditions can be applied to role assignments including: ports, files, IP addresses, MAC addresses and more. 

Some additional advantages of Multi-Tenant Capability include:

  • Precisely and individually determine which user under which circumstances has which rights.
  • Authentication with LDAP-based directory services, Kerberos and Radius
  • Multi-domain support
  • Differently weighted user roles can be defined
  • Role-dependent rights assignment
  • Configuration and user management can be either local or in an external directory service

For a visual explanation of the Multi-Tenant Capability, take a look at our video.

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