The Importance of a Strong Password

Posted by Ming Jan Sam Wed, 27 Feb 2013 08:15:00 GMT

In the past week, major brands Burger King and Jeep both experienced Twitter hacks. The Burger King account tweeted a company buy out by McDonalds while the Jeep account posted an inappropriate photo of a so-called Jeep executive. Soon after the hacks, both companies were able to gain back control of their compromised accounts and tweeted apologies for the incidents. 

Although the incidents are now handled, it still raises questions about the procedures companies need to implement to protect their social media accounts and essentially their reputations. Like basic IT security policies, companies should require procedures for their social media accounts. For example, changing the password whenever an employee who had access to the account leaves the company can save a huge headache in the future. 

Another great place to start when it comes to any form of cyber security is a stronger password. This simple tech tip comes with a high reward as over 60% of all data breaches in 2011 could have been prevented with basic security measures, according to a white paper by ESET.

Strong passwords also play an essential role in one of the features of HOB RD VPN. As featured in our video series, Single Sign-On with Kerberos allows a user to log on only once with personal access data. Security remains following the initial sign on, but it is still essential to have a strong password.

Passwords can become significantly stronger with a few simple steps:

1. Do not use keyboard patterns such as “QWERTY” or “12345”

2. Include punctuation marks or numbers

3. Mix up uppercase and lower case letters

4. Substitute letters for numbers. For example, 0 for O or $ for S

Lastly, using a password strength tool such as Password Meter can help determine your level of password security.

Have you had an experience with a breach as a result of a weak password? If so, please share in the comments below.

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