Part 7 of Our HOB RD VPN Video Series: SSL-Identifier

Posted by Ming Jan Sam Thu, 21 Feb 2013 12:47:00 GMT

In this week’s video, we are outlining the advantages of HOB RD VPN’s SSL-Identifier. A personal IP address can be defined for each and every user to better identify users in an internal network.

This is a new function for more security and better user management. The SSL-Identifier allows you to assign each user a personal IP address and use the rights that have been configured for the IP addresses within the internal network. This leads to better sustainability and user management.

In typical virtual private networks, each user is under the same SSL VPN Gateway IP address in the internal network, making it difficult to determine which user is working in the network. However, the virtual IP addresses as part of HOB RD VPN help identify exactly who is using the network.

Additional advantages include:

  • Each user has his or her own IP address in the internal network

  • Firewall or network policy sets are also effective on the user level

  • Better traceability of user activities

  • A user can also be assigned a pool of IP addresses

Watch the video for a detailed explanation of the HOB RD VPN SSL-Identifier and tune in next week for another great advantage of HOB RD VPN!

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