A Survival Handbook for the Enterprise: 5 Essential Skills for Mobile Workplaces

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Tue, 19 Feb 2013 09:52:00 GMT

In 1864 Charles Darwin defined natural selection as the struggle for life in which only organisms that are best adapted to existing conditions are capable of surviving and reproducing. Those unfit for the world would eventually die off, leaving only the strongest to survive. Some 150 years later, we live in a world of technology, cyber security and mobile workplaces. Modern survival of the fittest includes enterprises that are savvy enough to dodge cyber attacks by leveraging smart IT policies that guide mobile workplaces.

Those who don’t take mobile workplaces seriously may find themselves unfit for the modern world and drown in a pool of hackers, lost data and dissatisfied employees.

Here are 5 strategies for survival that will help you manage your employee’s mobile workplaces. 


Is your head in the cloud?


Know who provides your cloud. According to an infographic by the Webfusion VPS Server team, only 34% of people have a concise understanding of what the cloud is. Make sure that your teams understand how the cloud works, who your cloud provider is and the details of your company’s mobile workplace plan. 


What you don’t know can hurt you


Denying that your employees are using mobile devices to access company data will only come back to bite you. For example, employees might try to access company data from an Internet Café abroad. Be prepared for new devices and be aware of the ones that are currently in use. The best solution for this scenario is employing a program that can detect any device that connects to the network. 


Be Bullet-Proof


Hackers will come at your networks with guns blazing so your security program should wear the strongest bullet proof vest. Any device attempting to connect to your network should be scanned for malware. Full scans and data backups should be conducted frequently. 


It’s a Balancing Act


While the security concerns of your IT team may be through the roof, the largest benefit of allowing your employees to work from anywhere is their satisfaction. The happier your workers are, the more productive they will be. The benefits will certainly outweigh the risks—if you can balance security and satisfaction. 


Know your Place


Work place mobility has become a standard practice among enterprises. However, with employees using different devices, manage all of them becomes a night mare. Especially when employees mix up private and professional use of their device. Personal data is likely to intermix with corporate data and it leads to data leakage in both directions. IT teams should strive to manage solely corporate applications and data on the device. 

Is your enterprise fit enough to survive? What additional skills are needed to make it through the modern day Darwin theory? 



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