28 January: European Data Protection Day: Do you Protect Your Data Enough?

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Mon, 28 Jan 2013 13:18:00 GMT

Since 2007, the 28th of January is the European Data Protection Day, which reminds us of this important subject and serves to sensitize all citizens to data protection. At the same time, in the USA and Canada, “Data Privacy Day” takes place. This date was originally selected, as on 28 January 1981 the European Data Protection Convention was signed.

We find this topic very significant, because data protection is becoming ever more important! On the one hand, the amount of data that represents a profitable target for criminals is constantly increasing – think of passwords, personal data, business secrets, blueprints, etc. On the other hand, data is increasingly outsourced / provided and used via very diverse ways. Who does not have the proper strategy for data security in place, might produce the one or the other security gap in the IT system. This is especially so with the much-hyped data storage in the cloud.

In the meantime, it is not only important to store data securely and protect IT systems from external attacks, one must also take care that, when communicating data, e.g., with remote access, data don’t fall into the wrong hands. Here, specifically, data should only be transmitted encrypted, and access to it secured by a reliable authentication method. Modern VPN solutions also include additional protective mechanisms, for example an integrated anti-virus check, which further improve the security level.

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