Second Part of our HOB RD VPN Video Series: Clustering

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Thu, 17 Jan 2013 13:32:00 GMT

Welcome back to HOB´s weekly video series! This week we will be covering another comprehensive feature of HOB RD VPN.

For more reliability, several HOB WebSecureProxies (the security gateway included in HOB RD VPN) can be combined into a cluster that maximizes resiliency in HOB RD VPN. The collection of computers in a cluster is called a cluster node. Nodes are available to exist in large or small collections with possibility of building a worldwide cluster. This unique strategy allows all cluster nodes to be equally weighted and synchronized automatically in running operation resulting in the best possible load distribution. 

  • Advantages of utilizing HOB’s RD VPN clustering include:
  • High availability
  • Possibility of building a worldwide cluster
  • Great distances between cluster nodes are possible
  • No additional hardware is necessary
  • Very effective load balancing
  • All cluster nodes are equally weighted in running operation
  • Simple construction of clusters via configuration in HOB RD VPN
  • Easy addition of cluster nodes
  • Performant synchronization of the cluster nodes

Check out this week’s video covering clustering and come back every week for another HOB solution.


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