First Part of our New HOB RD VPN Video Series: In General

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Thu, 10 Jan 2013 13:52:00 GMT

We at HOB want to introduce a weekly video series with detailed descriptions and graphics of our products and solutions. Our first post begins with our HOB RD VPN (HOB Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network):

At a glance, HOB RD VPN provides a comprehensive secure remote access solution to centrally stored data and applications from a remote location. While optimally fulfilling all company requirements, HOB RD VPN is easily administrated to multiple users—each having their own roles and rights to applications. Customers have used a variety of words to describe HOB RD VPN, the most popular being: comprehensive, flexible, performant and secure. The high scalability and ability to support different platforms (desktop PCs, notebooks, etc.) allows HOB RD VPN to protect existing investments. Lastly, the strong encryption affords a secure connection.

HOB RD VPN also allows stress-free access to data, no matter where they are stored, e.g., on: Windows terminal servers, virtualized Windows, company PCs, Unix, Linux and Mac. 

As an IT professional, there are some important things that should be asked when researching VPN solutions. Please check back every week for our video series that covers all the information you need when considering VPN solutions. 


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