Why Santa Clause needs a Secure Remote Access Solution

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Wed, 19 Dec 2012 09:53:00 GMT

Since there are now just about 1.8 billion children on earth, the modern Santa has plenty to do. Of course, all Christmas wishes have to be fulfilled on time on Christmas Eve. So why shouldn’t Santa move his sleigh with the times and use modern technologies that make his work easier and increase the effectiveness of the Christmas processes? 

HOB GmbH & Co. KG, provider of secure remote access solutions, has tackled this issue and came to an astounding result.


Flexible access to Christmas wishes and inventory from the North Pole to the South Pole


Numerous presents have to be sitting under the Christmas tree right on time for Christmas Eve – for Santa this means not only hard work – but also long distances for the reindeer and sleigh. Good organization is therefore necessary. How convenient would it be for Santa, no matter where he is at the moment, to flexibly access the Christmas wishes or the inventory that are centrally stored in the Christmas shop at the North Pole, via laptop, iPad or even a smartphone? A short log-in and he knows for sure which present has to go down which chimney and when it is time to reorder new presents. Especially in extremely stressful times, shortly before Christmas Eve, this is a huge benefit for Santa. Santa is not much different from other employees of companies: urgent work orders always arrive shortly before closing time.


Fast and reliable fulfillment of wish-list tasks


In today’s world, Santa has to make his reindeer go fast when it comes to delivering Christmas presents, since on one hand, the time until Christmas Eve arrives goes by quite fast and, on the other hand, other more modern postmen, as seen in various commercials, pose a great competition to Santa. This is something Santa cannot just ignore, as he just has to show off his long tradition. And, to be honest: Christmas without Santa would only be half as cozy. This is also a good opportunity to use a reliable and secure remote access solution: Since he can access the children’s addresses remotely, new orders can be taken right away and travel time reduced. But, of course, you have to be careful and ensure a secure data transmission, as it would be shame if a competitor could intercept the data during transmission and scam a competitive advantage.


Cooperation with Kris Kringle, Papa Noel & Co.


Despite of the numerous wishes for Christmas, of course no child should be without a present on Christmas day. For one person alone, this can hardly be achieved. This is why Santa has many helpers and partners on all continents who energetically support him - no matter whether it is Kris Kringle, the elves or Papa Noel. When working with so many international helpers, an exact coordination is crucial.  With the help of a secure remote access solution, he can check appointments and mail that are centrally stored in his workshop on the North Pole while, at the same time, bustling around in his reindeer sleigh. This way, he doesn’t miss any important information from his Christmas colleagues and can react right away.


Higher productivity due to de-central elf branch offices


Of course, Santa has diligent assistants on the North Pole: the elves. They package the numerous presents and help out with the organization. Strategically, it is not quite optimal that the elves are only working on the North Pole, even though the presents have to be distributed around the whole world. Due to the remote access technology, it is quite easy for Santa to establish new elf branch offices. Thanks to remote access to centrally stored data and applications on the North Pole, even elves in other locations know exactly about the presents that have to be packaged and the orders that are permanently coming in. The benefit: productivity is increased and the distances for Santa, Papa Noel & Co. are easily overcome - this saves time and reduces (reindeer-) costs. 

In a nutshell, one can say that Santa will be able to compete on a long-term basis if he uses a remote access solution and will make the eyes of children sparkle for many more years to come!

HOB GmbH & Co. KG wishes all readers, customers and partners a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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