It´s Thanksgiving Time: To Whom or What Did You Say “Thanks”?

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Tue, 27 Nov 2012 09:37:00 GMT








Thanksgiving is the fall holiday surrounded by good food, friends and family. Although the history of the first Thanksgiving is debatable, the modern celebration entails feasting and reflecting on the blessings received throughout the year. Some express gratitude for their shelter, safety and physical well-being. Others show appreciation for success at work or the game-day win. As we entered this time of celebration last week, it is important to give thanks to everything that has made your life happier or easier.

Here at HOB, we would like to give thanks to the technologies that have protected our data. Without these technologies, viruses and hackers could have seized our sensitive and private documents—potentially disrupting our businesses and our lives. Our gratefulness continues with the ability to provide our customers with virtual private networks and mobility. 

Our Virtual Private Networks have afforded organizations with successful secure networks that protect their critical assets—granting easy access and freedom. Furthermore, our Mobile Worker Access system has allowed on-the-go employees with convenience of increased mobility and the option to use a preferred device. 

With friends, family and the success of our technologies to be grateful for, HOB wishes you the best during the holiday season.  Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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