The Importance of VPN Technology during Natural Disasters

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Wed, 07 Nov 2012 12:00:00 GMT

As each day passes, we continue to discover the scale of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath as emergency crews and regular citizens dig out and assess how to recover. Sandy has caused more than 100 deaths, large scale evacuations, left millions without power, caused gas shortages and halted public transportation. According to today’s Washington Post, total damage from Sandy may total $50-60 billion.

Beyond the obvious effect on the day to day lives of thousands of residents, Sandy has also interrupted businesses. Preliminary calculations show that business interruption costs may range from $10 billion to $30 billion. News sites such as Gawker, Huffington Post and Gizmodo have had to rely on back up sites like Tumblr to proceed with postings. Other companies have had to scramble due to flooded offsite data back up centers. For example, Datagram, an internet service provider, experienced basement flooding resulting in the loss of power and the inability for their clients to retrieve information. Fortunately, no customer data was permanently lost. 

Hurricane Sandy’s devastation reminds us of the critical need to develop disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Although the storm has made it difficult, many businesses continue to function regardless of the weather because their data is stored in safe, remote locations and employees are able to work from home.  

HOB’s suite of remote access solutions can serve as an important part of a comprehensive business continuity program by ensuring data is available and secure for access anywhere, anytime.   Gartner analyst Craig Roth agrees - have a look at his blog from last Wednesday, October 31.

We, at HOB, wish the best of luck to those affected by the storm and hope it will spur organizations large and small to take a new look at their remote access solutions in the near future. 

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