Part 2: Halloween in the Data Center?

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Tue, 30 Oct 2012 12:18:00 GMT


Nightmarish happenings in companies are on the rise…


…at least this is the outcome of a study by the Ponemon Institute in cooperation with Hewlett Packard (HP) on the topic “The Cost of Cybercrime.” Within the last 2 years, the number of malicious cyberattacks has already doubled. On average, the number of successful attacks on German companies and government agencies amounts to 1.1 a week; in the USA, as many as 1.8 attacks per week succeed. 

Another study from May 2012, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Checkpoint, with the title “The Impact of Cybercrime on Business,” confirms this trend. Regarding Germany, for example, the Ponemon Institute found out that companies are haunted by social engineering and botnets when it comes to cyberattacks, yet only 59% of German companies have integrated into their company IT any protection against botnet attacks. Another haunting finding of the study: The consequences of a successful cyberattack are heavy. 60% of all German companies attacked had to mourn the loss of massive amounts of sensitive company information, 56% of affected companies had to put up with disrupted company processes and almost one third of them were stricken with dropped-dead productivity.


The power of zombies in the era of cloud computing


Just like any new “invention,” the cloud, too, has its dark sides – despite its numerous benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, scalability and availability. Therefore, zombies are not stopped by the magical witchcraft of the cloud. The botmaster can now– contrary to the usual construction of botnets – use cloud services to conjure up his sorcery.  He only needs to “buy” a great number of computing positions from a cloud service provider and then install a bot on every single one – and the botnet is ready to work its dark magic. These “botclouds“ offer crucial benefits to the botmaster: A botcloud is set-up considerably faster and works way more reliably, since the owner of the infected zombie PC doesn’t even switch it off – ever.

Read tomorrow - in the third part of our special - how you can lock zombies out of our company!


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